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Very historically accurate. 11/10

Ah finally time to use my super sonic phantom time traveling machine to go back in time to hear the audio book again

Very funny

This game was an absolute blast!! Just when I thought Golf couldn't be interesting and enjoyable...a brief history of golf came along :') Great fun, supper funny commentary, I loved it! Only took me a long time to remember I can play the ball in the air as well :') Great job dev! Gameplay starts at 9:00 if interested :)

This is amazing! I LOVED the funny narration and the golf was pretty fun.

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My high score is 36. (Aww crap this is golf isn't it)  This is  so well done. The sound track is hilarious. Well done!


What a beautiful game!


After 1000 shots the numbers get cut off. Everything else is good.

1/5 stars


Just finished playing the game (and then listening to it for a couple more minutes). It is very funny, as the other commenters have said, and the narration goes well with the overall quirky aesthetic.

What I noticed, though, was that I could either focus on the narration OR the gameplay. When I was actually playing, I didn't register much of what was being said; conversely, when I was listening, I couldn't focus on the completing the level. Maybe I'm just bad at multitasking.

I wonder if the experience would feel a bit more holistic (and reflect the title more) if the narrative were more closely integrated with the level design. E.g., you could break down the voice over into smaller parts and use them to introduce the levels, which could be themed accordingly (golf in Ancient Egypt, hammer-golf in the USSR, etc.)

I also felt that, due to seemingly lacking a "par" mechanic, the game was missing a meaningful challenge, since the player not only has an unlimited number of hits, but, unlike actual golf, can attempt them at any time. Maybe this, too, could be addressed by using prerecorded remarks on the player's performance (or e.g., passive aggressive segues) after they beat a level.


beat it in 33! brilliant game holy shit hahaha


Funny. The narrator is great.


this made me laugh so hard


This is so good lol


I love the voice acting, just please the next time use some noise reduction in audacity or anywhere.


voice acting 10/10


Very fun, and quite easy B)

(+1) funny..very


Cool game quite funny

Fun to play and super funny, nice job. I got 49 by the way.

I got that in my first run too!


This is literally hilarious. And really fun to speedrun!

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i can't stop laughing, why! lol