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High above the city streets, renegades launch the fight for freedom.

It's a horrible, subdued dystopia, where the denizens of the city have been rendered helpless through lethargy and satiation by the only remaining Media conglomerate in the world. 

You've decided that's just not on.

You are Glitch, the best 'Sysnaut' in the city (or, y'know, one of them, at least) and tonight, you dive into the security system of The Tower, the headquarters of The Man that runs the whole shebang. Your mission is to disable the power to the compound's security system so that your waiting friends can storm the gates and bring an end to this annoyingly legal tyranny with a bit of old-fashioned terrorism. 

Warning: This game is HARD.

Published Mar 12, 2014

Install instructions

Standalone Windows executable. 

Just double click, and off you go. 

Instructions are included in-game (move the crosshair with the mouse, click to select options). 


TheManInTheTower.exe 30 MB