The Job interview... from HELL

Satan has a lot on his plate, these days. As a result, he's opened the doors to the underworld to recruit from a wide plethora of applicants. You are one such applicant. 

Better pay attention...


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Wow this is unique! Haven't seen anything like this yet, and the theme fits perfectly!

I'd appreciate it if you took a quick look at mine!

Cool game funny voicelines bit confusing at first and the art style is kinda bad

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I got mentioned in the YouTube video Thanks!

Reminiscent of the Happy Wheels mania with a well recorded and explained Devil Voice “soundtrack”. Good and easy to understand concept that made good, yet not stupidly obvious use of the theme. Really enjoyable game that was mobile friendly. It’s difficult to find good mobile games in general, so one developed for a jam is pretty good going! 

Wow. This was totally not what I expected. It's good, and I'm not surprised, it's just super different and unique.

I really like how you explain the game while the player is figuring things out.