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Submission for the Vimjam 2020, hosted by Vimlark and 8 Bits To Infinity.

The focus of the jam was on 'collectables', with a theme of 'there and back', so please enjoy this rotational, cyclical Arcade score-chaser that takes a very faint inspiration from NiGHTS: Into Dreams

Collect the little shiny things, activate the bigger shiny things, and try and survive as long as you can. Your life is always draining away, and the collectables will give it back, but they don't last forever. 

Luckily, you can respawn them by hitting the three rotating 'portals' on each level. 

The game lasts as long as you do. Go for the high score!

Here's a video devlog exploring the key goals of the game within the jam:

XInput (Xbox controllers) should be supported, but please note, I test with a DualShock 4 and a program called DS4Windows to convert into Xinput mode, so this may be inaccurate.

You can also only use the d-pad for movement (because analogue sticks shouldn't be used for 2D platformers, and this is the hill I'll die on...). 

No need to activate it, just start using your gamepad and it should just work. You can switch back to keyboard controls at any time by pressing 'Shift'. 

Music graciously provided by my good friend chp.dmg who you should check out on Bandcamp for other awesome tracks. All other assets made by me. 

Install instructions

Just download and run the .exe.

Your firewall/Windows Defender may very well flag it as a virus, but I promise, it's very much not. Obviously.


Glowtation.exe 35 MB


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A late reaction. But I think this is a very promising game. It has a very good game feel. the colors and everything feel really good and makes it a joy to play. I hope you will make sequel. But I would understand if you didn't.

I do have one suggestion You could look at adding a score for picking up the dots. This won't change the game that much because the time you life is directly related to the amount of dots you picked up. But I would create a little dopamine boost by the player. so it might be worth a try.

I really like you youtube channel. You have a very nice voice to listen too. I' m kind of surprised aren't more popular but well those things take time.

Good luck and I hope i see more of you.