Welcome to the wonderful world of Staring At Nothing, the most innovative new title released in at least the last four minutes. Enjoy staring at nothing, doing more staring at nothing and finally, staring at nothing. 


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★★★★★ Truly the best game ever made

The story is deep and immersive, the controls are great and the sound & graphics are far beyond exquisite and the game is indescribably fun and addicting. Easily the best game ever created, far better than any other AAA blockbuster in the universe. Truly amazing and breathtaking, easy 5-star review.

Amazing, breathtaking. The soundtrack is beautiful and the graphics are beyond today's industry standards by leaps and bounds.


Despite the title, Staring At Nothing is a game about quite the opposite. 

While it claims to present nothing, during any playthrough the player's viewpoint will be inescapably drawn to the slowly incrementing score counter in the top left corner, the one location on the screen that actually features something.

As you notice the score increase, you have effectively already lost. The counter may continue, but if you are being truthful to yourself you'd quit out immediately, having stared even momentarily at something other than nothing.

Until a patch is released that hides this counter, anyone wanting the true experience of staring at nothing can apply a small piece of blu-tack to the top left corner of the screen to conceal the score counter, just so long as you promise not to stare at it.


Truly a masterpiece