Arrow keys to move

'Shift' to attack and progress text screens

I recommend the downloadable, if the HTML5 version is weird for you. 

Please note: Clickteam Fusion 2.5 executables are flagging false positives with some antiviruses. I can only give you my word that there's no virus in my game, because I wouldn't have a future on the internet if I was nefariously handing out viruses in my gamejam submissions. 



MegaByteMusic - Merry Christmas Everyone 

Licensed under assumed Creative Commons with attribution, pursuant to Fair Use

Install instructions

Play online, or download.


The Legend of Santa (Windows executable).zip 10 MB


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So beautiful. Nice.


The game was wonderful! To me it seemed a bit easy, but it was a really good Zelda clone! The collisions were off-putting and I would've prefered wasd controls over CF2.5's built in movement (I assume that's what it is), but I understand that it was a Jam game, so what can you do. Overall, very lovely. I think it would be a great idea to expand upon it further.


good game, collisions were wierd but nice astetic and gameplay.


Wuhu Zeld... I mean Santa